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Discover the unmatched professionalism of The Lawn Helpers, your foremost fence contractors in Coaldale, PA. The Lawn Helpers team is dedicated to enhancing the security and aesthetics of your properties through expert fencing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the Coaldale community.

Coaldale’s Fencing Experts

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The Lawn Helpers have established themselves as the leading fencing service provider in Coaldale since our inception in 2014. We specialize in crafting customized fencing solutions using high-quality materials suited to the local climate and architectural style, ensuring both functionality and elegance.
“We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and the trust we build with each project, ensuring every client is completely satisfied with our work.”
Damian Shoff

Owner/Operator of The Lawn Helpers



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Subaru Phil
Subaru Phil
I've seen friends use these guys for new walkways, general lawn maintenance and snow removal. Everything I've seen has been neatly done and care was taken to ensure the property looked great by the end of the project, wether it be landscaping work or snow removal!
John Sanzi
John Sanzi
Great work, great prices and fast service.
Chase Mason
Chase Mason
I've had the Lawn Helpers as my snow removal team for a few years now on my commercial building. Never an issue, all good info received from my tenants, reasonably priced, and great at communication. I look forward to having them in my corner as long as I own the building!
Great Service an very reasonable in price did a absolutely a great job
Ellen R
Ellen R
The Lawn Helpers has done a great job with mowing my lawn. I recently had them cut down a few trees for better curb appeal in the front of my house and they did a fantastic job. Very nice young men came, were very efficient, very professional and just plain nice. Fairly priced too Extremely happy with their work. The curb appeal went from a 4 to a 10. I would highly recommend them. I know who I will use come springtime to remove some hedges.
Lisa Schneck
Lisa Schneck
Two fences put up they were prompt & courteous. Great job & great bunch of guys
Nina Metzer
Nina Metzer
They did a wonderful job. I got two fences in 2 days. I highly recommend! Great price too! Friendly, I can't say enough. You will love their work. Thank you guy's!
Genesis Ortiz
Genesis Ortiz
Service was great. Fence installed at a great value. Damian was flexible and patient. Communication was prompt. Thank you.
Dennis Dietrich
Dennis Dietrich
They did great work.
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Expert Craftsmanship

We bring precision and skill to every fencing project.

Tailored Solutions

Each fence is custom-designed to meet individual preferences and requirements.

Local Focus

Deeply familiar with Coaldale’s zoning laws and aesthetic standards.

Services we offer

our services in Coaldale, PA

Aluminum Fence Installation in Coaldale, PA

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice in Coaldale for its resilience and elegance. Many homeowners and businesses seek fences that require minimal upkeep and withstand the elements, making aluminum an ideal option. Our installation process includes customized designs that fit each property's specific needs, providing a durable and attractive solution that maintains its condition year after year.

Wood Fence Installation in Coaldale, PA

Wood fences add a classic and natural aesthetic to any Coaldale property. However, maintaining these fences can be challenging due to weather-related wear and tear. Our wood fence installations use specially treated materials that resist rot and pests, ensuring a long-lasting and beautiful boundary that enhances both privacy and security.

Vinyl Fence Installation in Coaldale, PA

In Coaldale, our vinyl fence installations offer a solution to the common problem of fading and staining. This service provides a durable, low-maintenance alternative to more traditional fencing materials. Our high-quality vinyl fencing remains vibrant and stable without the need for frequent repainting or sealing, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Chain Link Fence Installation in Coaldale, PA

Chain link fences are valued in Coaldale for their durability and cost-effectiveness. Suitable for a variety of applications, from securing residential yards to commercial properties, these fences address the need for affordable security solutions. Our chain link fence installations are quick to erect and built to last, offering an efficient and reliable way to protect your premises.

Snow Removal in Coaldale, PA

Snow and ice can disrupt daily life in Coaldale significantly. Our snow removal services ensure that your pathways, driveways, and access roads remain clear and safe throughout the winter months. We provide timely and effective snow clearing, using the latest equipment to minimize inconvenience and enhance safety for both homes and businesses.
our process




Understand your needs and survey your property.


Create a custom fence design that complements your property and meets your specifications.


Execute a seamless installation with minimal disruption to your daily routine.
Building Stronger Communities with Superior Fencing in Coaldale, PA

A Tradition by The Lawn Helpers

The Lawn Helpers are strategically located near Coaldale, PA, at 2294 Shady Ln, New Ringgold, providing expert fencing solutions to this vibrant community. Coaldale, nestled at the coordinates 40.8223° N, 75.9043° W, boasts a dynamic history reflected in its population of approximately 2,200 residents. The town is known for landmarks like the Seek Section Park, Panther Valley Stadium, and proximity to the historic No. 9 Mine and Museum, offering unique insights into the region’s coal mining heritage.

Coaldale’s climate, characterized by distinct seasonal changes, demands durable and adaptable fencing solutions. The Lawn Helpers excel in installing fences that withstand these conditions, ensuring longevity and functionality. We comply with local building regulations, contributing to Coaldale’s safety and aesthetic standards while adopting eco-friendly practices such as using recycled materials in our projects.

We serve every neighborhood in Coaldale, from Lansford to Tamaqua, understanding each area’s specific needs and preferences. Our commitment to sustainability and community engagement makes us a preferred partner in enhancing residential and commercial properties.

Engage with The Lawn Helpers to experience top-tier fencing solutions that respect and enhance Coaldale’s unique charm. Let us help you secure and beautify your space with expertise that matches your local needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Delve into our comprehensive FAQ section for quick, accurate answers to your most pressing queries.
The duration of the installation depends on the type and size of the project but typically is completed within a few days to ensure minimal disruption to your routine.
Maintenance requirements vary by material: aluminum and vinyl fences require little to no maintenance, whereas wood fences may need periodic staining or sealing.
Yes, we prioritize eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in all our installations, aiming to minimize environmental impact while providing high-quality fencing solutions.
Absolutely, we are equipped to manage fencing projects of all sizes and complexities, from small residential to large commercial installations.
We strive to respond to snow removal requests as quickly as possible, typically within 24 hours of a snowfall, to ensure your property is safe and accessible.

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About Coaldale, PA

Coaldale, PA, known for its rich history and welcoming neighborhoods, has a unique connection to the Fence Company industry. With The Lawn Helpers leading the pack, the industry’s potential is seamlessly harnessed right against the backdrop of this Pennsylvania town, situated at a GPS coordinate of 40.82° N, 75.90° W.

Famous for landmarks such as the sought-after Coaldale Complex and the serene Seek Recreational Park, this bustling environment offers thriving opportunities. Need a picturesque view from Fenstemaker’s Hotel? Or seeking a relaxed afternoon at the Coaldale Hospital Park? We’ve got you covered.

But what sets this town with a close-knit population of around 2,277 people apart are its notable neighborhoods. From Greenwood to Fisher Hill, Phillips to First Avenue, and Center Street, residents trust us for top-notch Fence Company services. And it’s not just because we understand the local market, but it’s also due to our deep rooted respect for Coaldale’s weather patterns, with our Lawn Helpers even offering Climate Considerations for every repair or installation.

In Cheatwood, we have the perfect blend of traditional and innovative solutions for your fencing needs. In Vogle Hill, we continually adjust our techniques aligning with the local climate considerations. The Lawn Helpers are well-versed with the local regulations of Coaldale PA, ensuring satisfactory compliance, and valuable contribution to its eco-conscious community by employing sustainable construction methods and using recycled materials.

From Mountain Avenue to Centre Street, and Ruddle to Cedar, our assurance for delivering top-tier Fence Company services covering all the neighborhoods of Coaldale PA never wavers. Become a part of our journey in shaping Coaldale’s landscape and commerce. At The Lawn Helpers, we give you more than just great fences, we provide a guarantee of quality, customization, and sheer professionalism. Reach out today and experience unparalleled Fence Company solutions, right here in the heart of Coaldale, PA.

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