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Welcome to The Lawn Helpers, your Fence Contractor in Tamaqua, PA, where we specialize in transforming outdoor spaces with premium fencing solutions. Our dedicated team combines local expertise, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional service to meet the unique needs of each client in Tamaqua, PA

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Meet The Lawn Helpers

The Lawn Helpers have been serving the Tamaqua area with pride and precision since our inception. Specializing in a range of fencing solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the beauty and security of your property. Our approach combines deep local insights, a commitment to the highest quality materials, and a customer-first philosophy, ensuring that every Tamaqua home and business we work with reflects the standards of excellence we stand by.
At The Lawn Helpers, we strive to provide fencing solutions that not only secure and beautify your property but also contribute positively to the character of Tamaqua.
Damian Shoff

Owner/Operator of The Lawn Helpers


Meet The Lawn Helpers

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Subaru Phil
Subaru Phil
I've seen friends use these guys for new walkways, general lawn maintenance and snow removal. Everything I've seen has been neatly done and care was taken to ensure the property looked great by the end of the project, wether it be landscaping work or snow removal!
John Sanzi
John Sanzi
Great work, great prices and fast service.
Chase Mason
Chase Mason
I've had the Lawn Helpers as my snow removal team for a few years now on my commercial building. Never an issue, all good info received from my tenants, reasonably priced, and great at communication. I look forward to having them in my corner as long as I own the building!
Great Service an very reasonable in price did a absolutely a great job
Ellen R
Ellen R
The Lawn Helpers has done a great job with mowing my lawn. I recently had them cut down a few trees for better curb appeal in the front of my house and they did a fantastic job. Very nice young men came, were very efficient, very professional and just plain nice. Fairly priced too Extremely happy with their work. The curb appeal went from a 4 to a 10. I would highly recommend them. I know who I will use come springtime to remove some hedges.
Lisa Schneck
Lisa Schneck
Two fences put up they were prompt & courteous. Great job & great bunch of guys
Nina Metzer
Nina Metzer
They did a wonderful job. I got two fences in 2 days. I highly recommend! Great price too! Friendly, I can't say enough. You will love their work. Thank you guy's!
Genesis Ortiz
Genesis Ortiz
Service was great. Fence installed at a great value. Damian was flexible and patient. Communication was prompt. Thank you.
Dennis Dietrich
Dennis Dietrich
They did great work.
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Customized Designs

Tailored fencing solutions that align perfectly with your property's aesthetic and functional requirements.

Reliable Expertise

Our deep understanding of Tamaqua’s specific needs ensures top-notch service and end results.

Sustainable Practices

Commitment to eco-friendly materials and methods, safeguarding your property and the planet.

Services we offer

our services in Tamaqua, PA

Aluminum Fence Installation in Tamaqua, PA

In Tamaqua, the demand for durable yet stylish fencing options is met by our aluminum fence installation service. Homeowners often face the challenge of choosing fencing that withstands the elements without sacrificing design. Our aluminum fences offer the perfect solution: rust-resistant, maintenance-free, and available in various styles to complement your property.

Wood Fence Installation in Tamaqua, PA

The classic beauty of wood fences is unmatched, providing warmth and privacy to any Tamaqua home. However, wood's vulnerability to weather and pests is a concern. We address this with high-quality, treated wood that stands up to Tamaqua’s climate, ensuring your fence remains strong and beautiful for years.

Vinyl Fence Installation in Tamaqua, PA

For Tamaqua residents seeking a versatile and low-maintenance fencing option, vinyl is ideal. The challenge often lies in quality, as some vinyl products can fade or crack over time. Our high-grade vinyl fencing solutions are designed to resist fading, cracking, and weathering, ensuring lasting beauty and durability.

Chain Link Fence Installation in Tamaqua, PA

Offering security and functionality, chain link fences are a practical choice for Tamaqua properties. The main issue for many is the industrial appearance. Our solution includes options for privacy slats or vinyl coating, transforming the look while maintaining the fence's practicality.

Snow Removal in Tamaqua, PA

Tamaqua’s winters can be harsh, making efficient snow removal a necessity for safety and accessibility. Our quick-response snow removal service ensures that your driveways, sidewalks, and access points are clear of snow and ice, minimizing disruption and enhancing safety throughout the winter months.
how we do it

our process



A personalized session to understand your vision and assess your property’s specific needs.

Design & Plan

Crafting a custom fence design that meets your aesthetic and functional requirements, followed by a detailed project plan.

Installation & Follow-up

Efficient, high-quality installation with minimal disruption, capped off with a thorough post-project review to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Elevating Strengthening Tamaqua, PA Properties

Premier Fencing Services by The Lawn Helpers

From our base at 2294 Shady Ln, New Ringgold, PA, The Lawn Helpers are proud to serve the vibrant community of Tamaqua, PA. Nestled at the heart of coal country, Tamaqua, with its rich history and scenic landscapes, offers a unique blend of heritage and natural beauty. This historic town, positioned at 40.7978° N latitude and -75.9697° W longitude, boasts a population of over 7,000 residents, each with their unique needs and visions for their properties.
Tamaqua’s landmarks like the historic train station, the Tamaqua Community Arts Center, and the scenic Owl Creek Reservoir, along with its various parks and trails, embody the community’s spirit and resilience. The Lawn Helpers understand the importance of this local identity and climate considerations, offering fencing solutions that respect the area’s heritage and withstand its weather conditions.
Our commitment to eco-friendly practices, such as utilizing recycled materials and sustainable methods, aligns with Tamaqua’s community values. We navigate local regulations with ease, ensuring all projects are compliant and contribute positively to the area’s aesthetic and environmental goals.
Every neighborhood in Tamaqua, from the bustling downtown to the tranquil outskirts, benefits from our tailored services, enhancing both residential and commercial spaces. We invite Tamaqua’s residents and businesses to experience the difference of working with The Lawn Helpers. Engage with us and see how our expert fencing solutions can elevate your property, reflecting the unique charm and character of Tamaqua, PA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delve into our comprehensive FAQ section for quick, accurate answers to your most pressing queries.
The duration varies by project size and complexity, but most are completed within a few days, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.
Yes, we can install fences year-round, considering Tamaqua’s weather conditions to choose the best installation times.
Most fencing projects require a permit. We handle the permit process for you, ensuring all local regulations are met.
We provide specific maintenance tips based on the material of your fence, ensuring it stays in top condition through Tamaqua’s seasons.
Our timely, efficient snow removal process uses the latest equipment, ensuring your property is safe and accessible even during the toughest Tamaqua winters.

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About Tamaqua, PA

Located within the contours of Northeast Pennsylvania, Tamaqua PA bristles with scenic beauty and historic relevance. This hidden gem is home to top sights such as the Tamaqua Historic District, the Tamaqua Railroad Station, and the No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum. Our company, The Lawn Helpers and Fence Company, has thrived in this vibrant setting, delivering premier fencing solutions to the community.

At the heart of Tamaqua PA, nestled at the coordinates 40.7981° N, 75.9717° W, The Lawn Helpers have mastered the interplay of local climate and fencing requirements. Tamaqua experiences broad weather patterns, ranging from mild summers to cold, snowy winters – presenting unique challenges for fence maintenance.

With a population nearing 7,000 residents, Tamaqua is fragmented into neighborhoods such as Dutch Hill, Owl Creek, and East End, each unique in landscape. The Lawn Helpers provides tailored fencing solutions, catering to the distinctive needs of each area and its residents.

In tune with local building regulations, The Lawn Helpers integrate eco-friendly methods into our operations. By using recycled materials, we extend our commitment to Tamaqua’s environment, echoing the eco-conscious spirit of the natives.

At The Lawn Helpers, we consider factors such as the local weather and regulations while developing fencing solutions. Places like St. Luke’s University Hospital, The Inn at Birch Wilds, and The Tamaqua Area Community Partnership Park stand as evidence of our quality work.

Engage with The Lawn Helpers and Fence Company today, and experience our dedicated service. With an in-depth understanding of Tamaqua PA, we provide services tailored to suit this area’s fencing needs, climate considerations, and building regulations. See why we are Tamaqua’s trusted choice for fencing solutions!

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